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My name is S. C. Pedersen, I am a Danish author and write historical novels.

I want to tell you all about my highly acclaimed Viking series here!

"Arnulf - a Viking saga" is a series of nine volumes. The Nordic tale of power struggles, honor, hostility and revenge in all its great beauty and horror. The saga is an epic tour they force throughout the Viking Age in the years around the turn of the millennium. Fiction is blended with historical inheritance, while Arnulf grows from being an angry young man to becoming an experienced and traveled warrior and Jomsviking with responsibility for wife and children.

Arnulf's saga is based on extensive serious research, and the story brings the reader deep into the authentic Viking Age.

I write about Vikings, because I am passionate about the Viking period and to revive and disseminate the epic, Nordic history. Personal dramas, power-plays and kingdoms formation - the Viking Age was a time when intrepid Scandinavians sailed out and made their deep mark on the world through trade, plundering and settlements, and in my tale of Arnulf I weave fictional characters and events in symbiosis with authentic people and events.

I want to get completely under the skin of the Vikings and with uncompromising realism, I portray their lives and times, aspirations and hopes through Arnulf's intense and passionate saga, for Viking history is an important story for all of us - and it is a compelling story.

Denmark's largest digital publisher Saga Egmont has translated and published volume 1 "ARNULF" and 2 "VEULF" as an audiobook and ebook in Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, French and this year also in German!

You can find them where you usually find your audiobooks and e-books.

The first volume "Arnulf Wolfblood" is also available in English as an e-book on Storytel.

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