Reviews & Readers

“Great story. Finally! Finally, there is one who tells how the Vikings really were. Here comes the real thing. It is difficult to sit still by the fireplace, while S. C. Pedersen puts forth the saga about Arnulf. Sea spray and blood trail. The action is strong and raw. Men and manhood. It's as exciting and violent as most fantasy, but the story has the keel in the sea of reality. It's like being there yourself. An exciting and engaging story from real life.” Politiken, the largest newspaper in Denmark

“The saga is for anyone between the ages of 12 and 92, who loves breathless action, drama - and of course the Vikings. You get swept away by a terrific performance that is composed with a sense of suspense and surprise effects.” Berlingske Tidende, the second largest newspaper in Denmark

”The saga is exciting, dramatic and imaginative to such an extent that the reader almost experiences being present. Eminently described. I experience the language as a kind of music that is powerful, sounding and obsessive. The words and phrases are captivating, fluid and picturesque, and the readers experiences standing in the midst of the Viking era with the sounding weapons, the roaring men and the noise of the storm and the sailing of the Viking ships. The readers get everything we could want from excitement, heroism, battle with swords and shields, power cravings, honor and betrayal, as well as humor and Viking life. In short, we have here a historical novel that is relevant, entertaining, exciting and where the language adds a dimension of space and Viking sound. The saga has like Arnulf wild fire in the body.” Helsingør Dagblad, a Danish newspaper

"It's been a great experience to have been immerged for some days in the heroic world that S. C. Pedersen has superbly unfolded in Arnulfs saga. Characters are rich, varied and eminently individualized. S. C. Pedersen writes with archaeological accuracy and a real life, active imagination. The fight scenes are second only to Homer's. To follow the Viking, Arnulf, in his journey has been like returning to a place you've always known and which has just been waiting to be brought back to life." Litteratur magasinet BUM

"The story has all the blood, mead and Valhalla rutting it takes to lead us to the longhouse of the Jomsvikings, and Arnulf himself, he is a true Viking who makes Ogier the Dane appear like a wimp." Chili Magazine

"S. C. Pedersen is a fantastic writer and I highly recommend to anyone." Alex De Luca, actor, director, producer

"An exciting, bloody and engrossing story. But it's more than that, the author manages to portray great emotions, without being corny, nauseating and pathetic. There are fight scenes worthy of Tolkien’s Uruk-hai, as well as genuine emotions. Exciting and almost cinematic Danish history." Fortæ

"Engaging, well-told story. Beautiful, broad narrative. The author handles the material with great certainty. The story is as talented as it is gory. Bubbly and enthusiastically told with the effective loan of language from the sagas."

"Arnulf is a really exciting Viking story where you really hear the sword battles and freeze with the Vikings on their rough sailing." Boghitz

"Such a story! Life as a Viking at full speed." Boganmeldelse.stafetbog

"Arnulf is well written and action filled. An excellent story." Børn og bøger

"The language entices the reader right into the story. The story is incredibly realistically portrayed and you come to live easily in the characters' feelings.”

"There are storyes so well-rounded that they seem to have been fully formed even before they were written; the author has just had the trouble of getting it down on paper, not a word should be different. One must be careful to use the phrase "born classic," but here I can risk it." Fyldepennen

"It is a great story! I am absolutely fascinated by the beautiful language and the many turns, which make the Viking Period appear so vividly for the reader. The plot is beautifully put together, I feel what the protagonist feels – palpitations, tears behind his eyelids, time that stands still. I experienced heady joy while I was reading this book! I am happy to have been on the ship and felt the battles in my mind, but also the longing for my special someone and a love that burns. I can only recommend everyone to read it – whether or not you are interested in the Viking Era!" Vikingebloggen

"Knowledge about the Viking period served on a plate. Here are richly detailed descriptions of life and faith. Lots of action, raids and temperament. Self-indulgence, urges, muscles and bloody conflict. Not for the fainthearted reader." Grønlandske Landsbibliotek

"There is courage and strength, sea spray and blood trails. It's like being there. " Pensionisten

"His experiences with the Vikings in Norway and later with the Jomsvikings is action-packed, exciting and dramatic." Den store danske, Gyldendals open encyclopaedia

"One of my absolute top writers in Denmark." SeptemberNet

"Very dramatic. It's strong stuff. We are witnesses of blood-gushing battle scenes and the manly world of the Jomsvikings, with its notions of honour and formidable heroic life. The text is written in an adapted language, which impressively gives a credible sense of the Vikings’ scarce style as we know it from the songs and sagas." Lektørudtalelse

"A blast of a story!" Allerød Library, month’s recommendation

"So vivid that you could almost smell the smoke from the fire and feel the salt spray from the ocean's shower." The Little Book Blog

“Fantastic. Arnulf is so incredibly well written that I was deeply impressed. SCP's love for the Vikings really shines through. It is so compassionate and empowering that you as a reader almost feel that you are on the sidelines and follow along.” Henriette's Blog

“I clearly recommend this book. Full of excitement and raw strength. Tons of it. The flow and perception of dialogue is almost magical.” Ambassadors' book corner

"Excitement to the last. There is great knowledge behind such well-written fiction. It's great entertainment. S. C. Pedersen has taught us to think like Vikings, speak like Vikings and fight like Vikings. Read it… for the sake of the gods - if it is filmed, it will be the best action movie to date. It’s like being there yourself. Fiction when it is best. I almost stopped breathing. A fantastic story, swallowed in one mouthful." Vølse Magazine

“As a reader you are in good and dangerous company with Arnulf Wolfblood and his fierce friends. A slatternly story. Real Viking mood. An exciting Viking series.” Lecturer opinion

“More than exciting. Full speed from the first page."

”S. C. Pedersen does it again! Managed to create a captivating and incredibly exciting story about Arnulf. Once again, I sat back, utterly enamored and impressed with the authors ability to create such a vibrant, engaging and captivating universe. SCP's ability with a pen is unmatched! The pen is her weapon and she wins!” Henriette's Blog

“Fantastic. Action is extremely exciting, blood red and cinematic. Well written as just heck. Can be the most recommended."


“Everyone talks about the Viking age. Everyone thinks they have a picture of the Viking age. But S. C. Pedersen's books are the place I've come closest. I'm in another world. The best Viking story.” Maria Helleberg, famous Danish author

“S. C. Pedersen manages to write about the Vikings in a way that is both historically correct and thumping exciting. You can taste the blood, you can smell the smoke and you can feel the warm strong feelings our ancestors fought with. A fantastic story that I can definitely recommend. Great reading. Favorite books.” Jim Lyngvild, famous danish designer, fotographer and author

"It is undoubtedly the best historical series I have read (I almost always have a book in my hand).” Lars

"I swallowed Arnulf’s saga. Superb!" Jan

"You have emptied Brage's horn to a very rare degree for contemporary writers." Peter

“They are written amazingly. I have not been able to put them away.” Christopher

"It's a masterpiece." Anders

"I've read them twice with equal pleasure." Nicolai

"It's great books.” Jason

"Great books read them over and over." Kim

“I read the books in few days - totally seized and caught up in the story. A wonderful saga. Excellent, thank you for that experience!!!” Lasse

"They are super good and exciting." Lita

“Thank you for some really good and exciting books that are fully on par with Jan Guillou's books on Arn.” Jan

“I've only had it out of my hand when eating or sleeping. Well done !!” Knud “Reading and reading… I can't stop. You're an amazing writer.” Elisabeth

"A great story, just read it for the third time, and it still draws great emotion in me." Kim

"Reading them for the third time." Brian

“I read it in a very short time and can only recommend it to others who have the desire and courage for a good book. Certainly not the last book by the author I have read.” Henrik

"It's a fantastic tale." Lars

“The story of Arnulf is absolutely amazing. Absolutely fantastic language.” Jesper

"The author must almost have been present." Christina

“Now both Ulrikke and I have read Arnulf, and we both absolutely love it. Thank you for a wonderful reading experience.” Katrine

"I would very much like to read a book more about Arnulf." Jan

“Some of the best books I've read! Super!” Kristoffer

“I finished the last pages at Christmas time and am still very excited about the story. Both its history but also all the beautiful details about the age and the amazing people.” Michael

“Your Viking saga is extremely unique! I rarely get caught by books, but you managed it! Thums up!” Anders

“I just wiped my salty face clean of foam and blood and returned to the real world after going on a dangerous adventure with my good friend Arnulf. I am speechless about your ability to imprison a school-weary boy like me who has never embarked on much larger reading projects than Donald Duck and various small novels.” Nikolai

“I have enthusiastically heard Arnulf on audiobook. Thank you for your wonderful writing, it’s like being in the cinema.” Per

“Arnulf is wonderful reading. You are a formidable intermediary.” Anne

"The wingspan of history is wonderfully described by S. C. Pedersen, one of my absolute top writers in Denmark." Freddy

"Over the past month, I have been recommended the books four times by lecturers who would draw attention to the only thing better than “The Long Ships.” Kåre

“What a story! I bought the saga for my son - but started reading it - and then I had to buy another one for his birthday.” Elf

“Gosh, you can write!!! GREAT pleasure to read!” Katrine

“What a pleasure. You write really nice, I enjoyed your beautiful descriptions and fantastic "Vikings language flowers". An exciting enthralling story.” Heidi

"I have read most of the English Viking books in the better class ... you are simply more credible." Gerd

“I never thought so! That I, as a woman, should be devoured by sweat-dripping and bloody fight scenes and forget about everything outside the intense space created between Arnulf and me. S. C. Pedersen writes excellently and captivatingly, so that you feel the fire burn, the rain whips and the cold penetrate deeply through the clothes for the bare skin.”Gunild

“Shit, it’s great! Bravo!” Kristoffer

“Looking forward - the whole family - to read more from you! Arnulf has been read between 2 and 3 times by each member of the family and discussed for the late night hours… wonderfully.” Ove

“I can't put the books away. I fully live with Arnulf in his time.” Sigrid

“Totally great Viking tale!” Jan

“I really enjoyed the reading. Your empathy is formidable!! I hunger like a little Viking boy to hear and feel more in the next adventures on Arnulf's way… reading your saga gives pure 3D in my head - I can almost recognize the sounds and taste the sweat, the blood and the fear… ” Peter

“Your books contain some of the most accurate reproductions of the Viking Age that I have ever read! Your understanding of detail and your precision in the description were a pleasure to read to an archaeologist. I am very much looking forward to reading next episode! ” Triona

“It's absolutely amazing. I had never read a book when my boyfriend got me thrown into it!! And I'll read the first in three days!” Tick

"Wind-blowing reading. I'm crazy about your language." Elin

“You can highly recommend them. An adventure full of danger, cousins and important choices.” Raaskou

“Never, never before or since, have I experienced reading with such intensity. Bought the entire work and read it NON STOP! I couldn't leave my friend, my brother, my partner, Arnulf!!” Dennis

"Thumping good and captivating books." Jon

"They are very good books." Sofie

"Definitely recommended, it's a great Story." Tinna

"I highly recommend it." Mikkel

“Great books. They were not to let go. Definitely recommendable.” Bech

"I am very excited." Christian

"Very exciting." Birger

“Very good. More!” Johnni

“With nerve and pronounced realism. Described so well ... that the little hairs stood up on my arm. Highly recommended ... the books are like licorice ... strong and flavorful at once. Be careful… they are addictive.” Alex

"I'm a big fan of your books on Arnulf." Mia

"Once Arnulf has touched your face and Frejdis hit your inner gaze, you are lost. Lost for a portrayal so gripping and strong that you can't let go of Arnulf's journey." Styrulf

"This is a great story that the world deserves." Christian

"The most amazing book I've read." Sonja

"Awesome story." Mads

"It's the best books I've read in a long time." Ida

"The world deserves Arnulf." Charlotte "Great books that I have read several times." Lars

"It's fantastic." Carsten

“Thank you very much for a wonderful reading experience. It is a gripping, touching, humorous and immensely entertaining story. I have cried and screamed and gasped many a dark winter night. Looking forward to a long story.” Anette




"A very fine book, well written and historically accurate as well, a rare thing in anything to do with the Viking Age. The stroyline is always engrossing, the characters are believable in the historical context, and the author really knows her subject. I would rate her work on a par with Bernard Cornwall's Saxon Stories, and that's a real compliment. Highly recommended." - Denton

"The best book on The life of The vikings I have ever read ! And the author comes from the land of The vikings ; she clearly knows her history . Five stars from me." - Morten

"A dramatic, exciting, action-packed, realistic, touching, believable, well-researched Viking saga that I can only warmly recommend! I felt the pain, heard the storm, screamed in the battles and sailed with the longships ... Arnulf is the most vivid and authentic saga I have ever read! It was like being there yourself! Read it!" - Amazon customer

"A fantastic book." - Titiana "I loved this book. Couldn't put it down. Arnulf brings the Vikings to life." - Amazon customer

The book is really a gem. It’s a great story and the more you know about the Viking age, you get even more out of the book. You can see that the author has talked with many reenactors, partake in Viking markets and have sailed Viking longship in the many historical details in the book." - Kim

"And it's damn well worth read!" - Maria

"It has all the grandeur of the Islandic Sagas, the family feuds, the justice and injustice, the greed, ambition, lust and romance of Kings and thralls alike, while maintaining the fullness of the story of a modern work, which the Icelandic Sagas often lack. The incredible amount of research put into this work gives it a depth and realism that few can rival. I have cheated a bit and read it in Danish, as I have not yet received the English version, but I am thoroughly looking forward to re-reading it in English. Come join Arnulf as he takes his first step from boy to manhood and follow him unto the last fight!" - Anders

"Loved the book, it's awsome. Can't wait for the next book to come out in english." - Gabi

"I can't recommend them enough." - Alex

"What a fantastic story. The storytelling is amazing and engaging. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience the true Vikings. Can’t wait for more!" - John

"This is the best author in this genre, if you like Bernard Cornwell, you will absolutely love this book which is the first of the series." - Amazon customer

"The best Viking saga ever. Highly recommend!!!" - Kent

"Wow! What an epic Viking adventure! The author not only makes this an awesome page turner, but at the same time achieves to describe the real historical Viking age without being the least boring. You can literally smell the tar on the ships, the smoke in the mead hall and hear the crash of battle! There is a lot of dimension and depth to the characters. The story is full of historical facts woven into it making it very believable background. I was entertained from first to last page and learned a lot about the historical period at the same time. Vikings as they really are! I can't reccomend it enough!" - Gvido

"Awsome bok series." - Marie

"I highly recommend this bok. I have read all the books in Danish. A fantastic story. Since the author is a viking the books is very true to facts. I envy those who are about to start their journey together with Arnulf Wolfblood and his bloodring. The brave jomsvikings." - Ravnulf

"It is without comparison the best viking age related book that I have read." - Anders

"The best Viking- saga ever written in our time. This is the saga to read, if you want to experience the time of the Vikings, as it might have been for real! S. C. Pedersen writes in a style, thats sends you right back to the year 900. Hurry up and read it before Peter Jackson..." - Charlotte

"I just LOVE Arnulf." - Dorthe

“Fantastic and compelling story. I haven't read such an exciting story for many years.” Lone

"Highly recommended." Christina

"Sensational books." Bodil "Violently great Viking books." Martin

“What a story, what struggles, what strong feelings. It is Danefæ you have made alive again. You are a wonderfully sensitive, powerful storyteller. Imagine if I had missed your great and important story about our ancestors.” Stinna

“Great book, nothing less! ” Helen

"The saga is hard to put away." Kirsten

“Yesterday my girlfriend almost forgot to do anything other than read the book. Because as she said, "Well, something always happens." Jens

"Couldn't put it away from me." Rikke

"Waw, great!" Janni

“I close the book with a burning desire to read the next, so that I once more can slip into the world your words paint for me. The salt is tastes and the fear and the life is felt.” Martin

"It's insanely well written." Peter

"Very good." Michael

"Sweeping nice. It has everything one would expect from a harsh Viking tale. Full speed from start to finish and no predictable action." Søren

“To say it's good is a big understatement. It is almost impossible to hold on to reality once you have moved into that universe. Can be highly recommended. Almost forgot to eat.” Jimmi

"Gosh, it 's almost impossible to put the books down again." Christel

"Super good." Brian

"I am only 150 pages into the first book and have already bought the second and am very pleased with it." Dan

“Arnulf is absolutely brilliantly written. A fantastic poetic language. Have rarely listened to such a bold audiobook. I'm looking forward to the next.” Jonas

"My husband, who otherwise never reads books, now that he is sick with a work injury, has read Arnulf - no sooner - swallowed the book in a few days." Christel

“I bought the first book in the Arnulf saga last Friday and I haven't been able to release it since. It's so moving, empowering and amazing! So now I have ordered the second and the third.” Maria

" I'm totally excited.” Torben

"Yesterday I sat in the sun and read Arnulf. I can only say that 165 pages later I had been sunburned both inside and out. What a storyteller!" Gorm

"Highly recommend it." Jenny

"Arnulf is a fantastic book, they enjoyed it from the beginning to the end." Svend

"I have read Arnulf with great pleasure." Jan

"I'm done with the first book and desperate to read the next one in the series and follow his journey." Nicoline

"I am very impressed." Curt

"It's totally magical and extremely captivating ... the coolest Viking I have read to date." René

“Thanks for three sleepless nights! The way you manage to impress the reader is amazing! I have been able to feel his joy, sorrow and pain through your phenomenal writing skills. Never before has a book set so much fire on me that I could hardly wait until the workday was over so I could come home and read on!! So thank you for sticking with our Viking past and giving it new life. Looking forward to my release tomorrow so I can buy another book!!” Mathias

"Looking forward to the next book." Søren

"Masterfully written, like being among the people of the Viking age, very empathetic, thank you very much." Sara

“Really good and catchy. Long time ago I have been drawn into such a vibrant and detailed universe. Can't wait for the next book.” Karsten

“Great story. Bloody poetry!” Niels

"Very exciting, raw and tough, but at the same time very" poetic ". I look forward to the next one." Inge

"Highly recommend it." Jenny

"I am captivated every time I open it." Mary

“Wauw!!! One is completely breathless after reading about Arnulf. You can do nothing but love him, despite all his faults. It's hard to put the book aside, and if you're not really interested in the Viking Age, then you will be.” Karin

“An absolutely fantastic book. I'm really looking forward to read more about Arnulf. ” Sara

“The book was so wildly printed in my mind that I could in no way put it away! A wonderful tale. It was so incredibly moving that I was touched in every way. Absolutely no one but you could pass on such a tale in recent times with so much heart. Thank you.” Tenna

"I've read Arnulf again for 6 times and still love it." Martin

“I'm absolutely thrilled. So rich and compassionate, both nature, struggle, mind and action. Lifelike and present.” Tanja

"Fantastic, incredible, with live drama." Karin

 “Great.” Erik "Super." Peter

"Fantastic good." Trine

"Amazing." Heidi

"Great books, read it." Per

“I just wanted to read a little before sleeping. The clock turned 1 at night. The next day I thought, just a little more. It was 2 o'clock at night. Today I wanted to relax a bit. Three hours later, time had flown by. The stories draw you in and you smell, feel and see the surroundings for you. Incredibly well written.” Jonathan

“Excellent.” Søren

"What a book!" Martin

"Really loves it." Dennis

"Great to follow Arnulf, great work you have done." Teddy

“It's fantastic!” Morten

“Thank you so much for enrich me with such wonderful and engaging reading. It has been several years since I have enjoyed such a book. You write picturesquely, and I could hardly put the book away before it was finished.” Brian

"It's so hard to put away." Bent "Shut up, it's good!" Gefion

"I'm the biggest fan!" Daniel

"I've always had a hard time starting reading a good book, but I have to say that I've been bitten by a crazy reading horse and can hardly put the book away from me again." Jesper

“Red the first book in 4 days. Really well written! " Kristian

"Masterfully written. Like being among the people of the Viking Age. Very empathetic." Tina “Five stars. Looking forward to the next book. ” Lene

“It completely captivated me , and I read it very quickly. Amazingly exciting and interesting. Looking forward to reading more.” Annette

"You're the only writer who made me cry." Kenneth "Definitely a good experience." Kasper

"I bought Arnulf as an audiobook and now I can't stop listening." Pontus

“Best book I've read to date. Without comparison.” Helle

"Never get tired of that book, come with more." Lene

“Well written and catchy. A credible book that I enjoyed a lot.” Ivar

"It's super good!" Hans

“It's just amazing.” Jørgen

”The Danish Bernard Cornwell!! Just finished reading Arnulf. I don't know if I've ever been this excited about a Danish book or author. Hurrah!!!” Edmund

“Super good is highly recommended.” Christian

“Hard to let go - I just had to know: what happens next? Educational and immensely exciting.” Pia

"My father-in-law got Volume 1 in his birthday present and he absolutely loved it." Dennis

"Good tale!" Magnus

“Great reading!! Caught from start to end. Exciting language and a good sense of the details of the past make it all present and very vibrant. Really recommendable!” Brian

"Hair-raising good reading." Kaj

" Fantastic Novels." Christian

“Great story.” Lars

“Great!” Randi

"Clearly recommendable:" Magnus

"Super super good!" Mette

"Great book! Very real, honest and detail oriented. Exciting, violent and very graphic." Bent

"Clearly recommendable." Ida

"Very nice language." Heidi

"Very exciting, full speed from start to finish." Bente

"It's all really well written and told. You feel quite familiar with the characters. I haven't experienced that in books since reading Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl." Robert

"Eminent books." René

“I am still wounded and bruised after the battle, still wet after the waves - in other words, I am entertained to the last page. Read it!” Isa

"Almost like being there yourself." Lisbeth

"Exciting and hard-hitting Viking tale." Lennart

"Almost impossible to escape once you turn the first page." Pia

"Exciting, unpredictable and captivating." Anita

"Beautiful language." Heidi

"Fantastic reading - can't wait to read the next novel." Anne

“Really good! Thanks for the experience!” Mikkel

"Catches from the first page." Charlotte

"Great story." Lotte

"It's the first book I've bothered to read since I was a teenager." Camilla

"Absolutely fantastic." Karin

"I swallow Arnulf. Really good and engaging story - even though I don't know much about the Viking age." Nina

"Super." Rasmus

"Exciting, unpredictable and captivating." Anita

"Finally, found an viking tale written for pagans." Tommy "Enthusiastic and violent." Marianne

“Great Viking raids.” Rikke

“Great.” Anders

"So well written that one feels present." Bente

"It's very good." Mike

"Fantastic. Tells everyone I know about it." Irene

“I love the Arnulf story. It's vibrant, authentic and trustworthy, and it's super exciting to learn about the Jomsvikings. ” Louise

"Canon books, very exciting." Kim

"A really good story." Birgit

"Great language." Camilla

“Warning… you can't put the books away. Well done. Looking forward to the continuation.” Pernille

"Ingenious storytelling.” Stephen

"Wild." Claus

“Great.” Rasmus

“Great book and must read if you are into Viking sagas.” Morten

“It's impossible to stop reading, it's so exciting.” Else

“Exciting and impossible to let go once you have turned the first page.” Pia "Perfectly believable tale.” Susanne

“A fantastic story … The language flows craftily. Looking forward to the next book …” Lasse

“I fell upon Arnulf by chance and haven't been able to drop it since. I have no words for how well it is written. Thanks.” Alex

“Wonderful Viking chronicle.” Zenia

“It's just SO good. Wild, ecxiting, bloody, fiery, nail biting action and not least love. It's awesome!” Rikke

“Great. Can definitely be recommended. I love it.” Jette

“Great." Minna

"My husband and I have read Arnulf, and look forward to the next part!!! The story is written with a fantastic language that pleases and excites." Gertie

“Great novels.” Kristoffer

“Absolutely fantastic story.” Kenneth

"Captivating." Tommy

"The best Viking books ever." Christian

“I'm absolutely crazy about it! It 's so exciting ! Thank you very much! I was trapped from the first page. It has quickly become one of the best books I have ever read, including Harry Potter. It's hard to put it away from me, and it's extremely rare for me to do this with a book!" Summer

“Love that saga now it has so far been read 3 times.” Mogens

“Fantastic, I don't have time to do anything else than reading, I'm intrigued by the story.” Mary

“Very very good.” Thomas "Got totally crazy about the story. Great use of imagery. I'm hooked!!!" Christian

"Excellent." Michalah

"Great series." Thomas

"Super nice." Bjørn

"I am completely captivated." Daniel

"Brilliant." Timme

"Fantastic." Gitte

"Extremely good." Linda

"Yes please." Anders

“Highly recommended.” Helle

“For anyone who likes historical, harsh and Epic (with big E) tales. It's just like being there yourself - for good and evil." Ditte

“One of the best reads of my life.” Kim

“Throughout fantastic.” Patrick

“Exciting and lifelike.” Kurt

“Amazing enthralling story.” Anne

"World class!" Dan

"I am completely engulfed by the narrative.” Lene

"Wild." Claus

"Great.” Daniel

"I read the saga with great pleasure.” Betina

“A true Viking story, thanks.” Lotte

“I can't stop reading . I am so grateful for your knowledge in writing. Arnulf fulfills all my conceptions of the Vikings' life. Thanks.” Ysse

"What a writing you have committed, thank you very much for all the words in Arnulfs saga." Allan

“I've never read such good books before. Read it! And get an experience like you were there yourself!” Styrulf "

Your saga is fantastic." Jonni

“There is no one who writes like you. When I read your books I can almost feel the sword in my hand.” Birger

"S. C. Pedersen writes fantastic and catchy, magnificent and captivating – love the saga." Heidi

"If you have read the first book about Arnul Wolfblood and you like it, you have much to look forward to in the next books!" Michael

"This saga gives the feeling of being present in the Viking Age The language and mood is so authentic that one totally" buys "the universe. It kicks ass!" Carsten

"A mighty experience." Eddie

”Super well written, enthralling and exciting. Action story and with cinematic vivid descriptions of places, people and actions - so immersive that it feels like being there yourself…” Charlotte

"I loved reading them." Signe

"You write so that you feel yourself present. Very exciting. I've never felt closer to the Viking Age.” Sigrid

“I immediately fall into yours and Arnulf 's lovely universe. You're just too cool.” Per

”Fabulous. HOWEVER, I have one complaint ... you write too slowly ... I already have withdrawals and am considering reading the whole saga again. One becomes totally addicted.” Freya

“A great experience to read it with these rich languages and your great knowledge.” Kate

“Great book. So vivid a tale that you feel the sweat, the fighting, the wave of the syringes and the breathing, as if you were there yourself.” Elin

"Exciting story.” Bojen

"The absolute worst thing about that book is ... that it ends and you have to wait for the next." Kim

“An amazing book. Rarely have I read a story so quickly, simply because it was so exciting that I just had to read the next page. It's an incredibly powerful book. It feels like I was there in ancient times and eco. The wildest journey back in ten days.” Nanna

"This one is quite simply the world's best story." Dennis

"Super fantastic." Rikke

“Highly recommended.” Bente

“I bought the first two books for my husband. He swallowed them in no time. He thinks they were both fantastic.” Sonja

"Come on with the next book." Martin

"It's a MUST :-D The coolest , wildest and addictive big EVER!" Nanna

“I love them. Am delighted with the Arnulf books, you write fantastic. I hope many more will come. So definitely my favorite Danish author.” Merete

"Awsome books." Loke “It's really very very good books - super well written.” Kalle

"Well written." Cliff

“I allow myself to blame the Arnulf saga for my lack of sleep. The saga is insanely good!!” Jannie

"Great story." Tina

"Arnulf MUST be filmed." Peter

"The coolest wildest books I have ever read ... I am still completely breathless about it ... miss the people like we were in family." Nina

“You write and describe damned good! Crazy good!” Jimmi

“Fantastic. One is really present. You do what a male writer can't, I at least haven't come across it - tell you about the soft values - the longings - the night - the sore pain. Can't wait for more." Ole

"Very gode books." Annette

"You have created a wonderful universe - a person gallery and struggles I never thought possible." Stinna

“That’s great. Almost like being there yourself.” Marianne

"Can't wait for the next novel." Per

"Fantastic saga." Helen

“Exciting and amazing books.” Dieter

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“I feel in the middle of it all, so you have to show up. I am looking forward to book 3 ice age. I enjoy every word. I feel in the middle of the fight. Looking forward to the next volumes.” Cliff

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"You write is fantastic and when your books become Hollywood cinematic I record my acting career again and go for casting - because then it will be the coolest movie!" Julie

"The t is the most amazing, captivating books I've ever read - It can ONLY be recommended. Wildest series! My life will never be the same again ... longing for the next book ... oh, it's hard to wait ..." Nanna

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"Berserks, enriching, liberating and breath-taking saga - an epic masterpiece." Heidi

"Bravo!!!" Stine

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“You are taken back in time and you cannot put the book down until it is read.” Jan "I live fully into Arnulf and his experiences ... It's like being there myself, like being Arnulf." Kim

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"So colorful and vibrant that the reading brings tears to the eyes, smiles, fighting spirits, gasps - and more tears. An incredible insight into our Vikings past. Thanks! It's hard to use small words about something that means so much to me." Janni

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Reviews & Readers

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"That series should be a cornerstone of our self-perception." Kim

"Thank you for great entertainment but not least education. You write amazing. I often search for historical events on the web after you tell us about them." Gitte

“As good as expected. Well done again. I'm not looking forward to the next novel.” Casper

"Arnulf is the most edited book I 've read and I love it and know I'm not the only one who has it that way." Janus

"They're brilliant!" Mette

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"So real that it makes a lump in your throat." Tanja "Some of the best reading!" Tommas

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”I highly recommend this wonderful and well researched series about Arnulf and the other strong characters created by S. C. Pedersen. We are completely under the skin of noble and grim warriors, kings and wolves.” Marie

"The only writer who can write conversations so you think the author has been there ..." Freya

"They will become legendary in Danish Viking tales." Kim

“You become breathless with excitement. So compelling that the books provide one of the wildest Viking experiences during reading, and afterwards leave behind is the reader with an unending desire for the next book.” Sonja

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”S. C. Pedersen is able to write so immersively a story, that one feels that one witnesses the events in the book. You stand among warriors, you feel courage and fear, family suffering, blood and victory. Simply a fantastic book series.” Michael

"So exciting and well written that it is as if you are by Arnulf's side." Pia

"Besides it's really exciting to follow Arnulf, it's also a great introduction to our history. I'll be looking forward to the next book with longing!" Lars

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“Simply the best and most alive I 've read. Could undoubtedly also become the most watched TV series ever!!!!” Rene

“The Arnulf saga is a fantastic story where you are constantly looking for more. The books are written in a way so you really live in them with Arnulf in all his experiences in the heat of battle.” Ronni

“Best Viking saga ever. EXCITING, EXCITING.” Lars

“Love that story! Time stops and disappears completely from the outside world as I open the book and step into Arnulf's saga. Being physically exhausted when you are torn into the wild battles. I'm a fan!” Nathalie

"Arnulf saga is super good. Could be some very exciting movies and TV series." Uffe

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"I have never felt authenticity and presence so much as with the books on Arnulf." Carsten

“Extremely exciting and well written. It penetrates under the skin and is impossible to escape.” Gerda

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“The saga captivates the reader from the first sentence. Virtuoso language, breathing and picturesque imagery.” Perry

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“It's the best book series in a very long time. I'ts breathtaking.” Ayla

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“Once again, you manage to pull me into the story, where you almost feel every sword and battle cry, and you stand there in the Vikings group fighting for family, kinsmen and gods. I am already looking forward to the next book.” Brian

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"BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Words are poor…thanks." Nicolai "Absolutely amazing, and you are completely exhausted and blown back after reading!" Anette

"Then book 5 is read and as always a catchy book that you just can't put away at all! It is the most amazing series about Vikings I have ever read. I can't wait until the sixth book is written.” Merethe

“Fantastic is a poor description of how much I love Arnulf.” Sigurd

"Exciting books where you have no doubt that the historical facts are in place." Jørgen "Waw, you set new and higher goals every time." Asbjørn

“Super good series. Thank you for the entertainment. I wish you wrote a little faster so I could just "eat" the next book too.” Martin

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"Gosh a good series you've written! I’m completely captivated. It's arguably one of the best Vikings book series ever made and in my opinion it can easily compete with series such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game Of Thrones.” Andreas

“The whole series about Arnulf is so good.” Alexander

"If you sit down with Arnulf you won't be doing anything else that day." Lissi

“Thank you for the good entertainment. Your books on Arnulf bring pleasure as well as a lot of hours of thought. Looking forward to forthcoming books from your hand… ” Tina

“You earn all the respect from me. I love your books, can't wait for the 6th book. Thank you.” Sebastian

“It is to that extent a captivating tale of Arnulf."Jack

"I was a fan of getting the story from the first page. " Kim

"Just want to say that my husband is totally blown away when he reads your books." Tina

"Well-written literature of the very best kind." Mikael

"Super well written." Niels

“It is almost impossible to find a book you want to read afterwards. With me, it takes a month before Arnulf is out of the blood and I'm ready for another writer.” Anna

“That series is perfect. Hope it comes as a series on film. It deserves it.” Thomas

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"If anyone deserves to be world famous then it is you and Arnulf." Jim

"Arnulf deserves to be world famous." Suzanne

"Now get that Arnulf movie filmed." Lars

"Amazingly lovely and well written series." Jette

"It should be filmed." Margit

“As a writer, it's always nice to have some other writers to compare with. Someone you look up to, someone where you think: Wow, that's how I would like to be able to write! This is how I feel about S: C. Pedersen and the Arnulf books. I can read them over and over again, I never get tired of them. The saga is written so vividly, so genuinely, it's totally like being there yourself.” Line

"I have to thank you! I have never been so well entertained neither by books, movies or series like your books on Arnulf! I have red them tree times, and every time I am caught. Crying and filled by hunger for more. I am also a huge fan of the series "Vikings" but it is directly tame compared to your books! I sincerely hope that the books will come out in the whole world and a long and bold series will be made of them. Then Game of Thrones can go home. Thanks again! And may there be endless more books in the Arnulf saga.” Emil

“The book series is one of the best I 've read in a long time. Haven't been able to drop them again.” Jamie

"They are fantastic books. S. C. Pedersen manages to write a novel that is basically an action novel, but does not compromise on the language. One senses the vast research behind it.” Rasmus, bookseller

“I LOVE the Arnulf story.” Brian

"The only thing you must do is to write, write, write and never stop.” Frank

“I bow to the dust for your skills with a quill. Now we just need the rest of the earth's population to see Arnulf's fantastic world.” Henning

"Aamazing, the way the reader can immerse themselves in your saga. I’m looking crazy forward to the next book. Your books evoke a Viking inside me.” Leif

"The top!” Klaus

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“I love the language, there are expressions and phrases that make the books absolutely fantastic and distinctive, in keeping with Tolkien's universe. I believe in the people because you give them life and show both their weaknesses and strengths.” Peder

"A wonderful mix of action and highly literary craft.” Kjeld

" I am Arnulf ' s faithful companion in War, peace and love. It 's never boring to be in his Company.” Astrid

“Captivating from the first to the last page, in both words and action! Like being there yourself.” Henrik

"Arnulf is pure gold. The perfect blend of excitement, great battles and endless love. Thanks for many good hours in the company of your amazing wolf.” Sanne

“The Arnulf saga is the best partner in the fight against the sometimes trivial everyday life. I always look forward to the next book.” Mads

“Arnulf is highly addictive. The wolf bites firmly, crawls under the skin and stays there forever.” Miriam

“A masterpiece of special class. The books contain it all. Filled with facts, excitement, etc. This story was to be made as a TV series and it would surpass “Vikings” in every way. The story has taken me by storm and has become a new life for me. I can recognize arnulf in myself, for good and evil. After all, we all have our small and big struggles.” Peter

"Arnulf is the best movie yet to be filmed. It is so vividly written that you can taste, smell, hear and see everything to your inner eye.” Heidi

“An adventure you can't let go of. Arnulf is the supreme in the Viking genre.” Perry

“A fantastic story and some of the best I've read about Viking sagas. So exciting and engaging that you feel that you are yourself. Don't remember I shed a tear in a book before. If you are into Viking sagas, the Arnulf saga is a MUST.” Morten

“You can almost taste and smell the true vikiking story in Arnulf.” Marianne

“Arnulf has taken me away. Feel the tension completely under the skin. I AM Arnulf, I live and breathe in his time and experiences." Irene

"Arnulfs saga is one of the greatest Viking sagas I have ever read.” Khristian

"Exciting, can’t lay the books down. Highly addictive.” Lita

"Nothing less than breathtaking.” Mikael

“Great stories and enthralling experiences! Arnulf's saga hits all my feelings!” Bo

“Following Arnulf through life gives you a great insight into history and life as a Viking. When Arnulf calls his bloodbrothers for the battle , it's not faint whining you hear, but Fenrir’s howl!!! ” Ronni

“Arnulf is a super exciting story, one lives in the story.” Benjamin

“Absolutely incredible reading, it just gets more and more exciting.” Børge

"Nothing above, nothing next to it, Arnulf is the most enriching and formidable tale ever.” Margrethe

“The story of Arnulf is a fantastic account of friendship, courage, love and adventure. The story is told in a very vivid and versatile language that creates clear images on the retina. Time is authentically reproduced and language and images thus become a unifying framework for an epic tale. If you take part in the adventure, you just have to be prepared that the books is very difficult to put away.” Kenny

“Great story, I feel young again when you enter these masterpieces.” Bente

"Every time I get breathless with excitement, of fear and of victory joy. I can hardly wait for the continuation.” Sonja

“I have Arnulf completely under the skin. Many times i have put the books away so i didnt get to read them too fast. Thanks.” Jens

“Arnulf brings us back to the Viking Age , so fast everything is alive that I can clearly see the scenarios in front of my eyes …” Lone

"Entertaining reading at a high level with great depth - I AM back in my childhood Vikings land in the middle of the books with Arnulf – readings for kings.” Charles

"Arnulf, we will follow you to the last fight!” Birka

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“Rarely have I been so addicted to a book series, the story is vibrant, colorful and fantastic reading , you can't put the book away when you first get started.” Kiljan

“I have never read such a fascinating book series, and should something Danish ever be made into a TV-series then it is the Arnulf saga. It's simply the best I've ever read.” René

“I've read all the books in the Arnulf saga, or rather swallowed them, to ration them, as they were otherwise read too fast. Looking forward to the next volume, I hope to come before my husband to read, gasp, enjoy and rejoice.” Fie

“I have NEVER read a more compelling and real story about the Vikings' life and battles than the Arnulf saga. You simply tell amazingly well and I feel I live side by side with Arnulf.” Frank

“Arnulf has won men's and women's love. A Viking saga, where the pen leads firmly and safely through the wings of history.” Kamilla

"Reading Arnulf is like being ripped out of 2019 and put into the Viking age ... captivating and exciting history. Can ONLY recommend it.” Nicolai

“The story of Arnulf is so amazing and feels so real. If time machines existed, I would go back to the Viking Age and hope to meet him!!” Mads

“You enrich the lives of me and my children with your fantastic and pictorial writing in the Arnulf books.” Niicky

“You write so vividly that I'm with you all the way. I have no time for anything else when I read about Arnulf and his company.” Nona

" Your wonderful language is as captivating as your stories.” Loke

“The descriptions in books are as fantastic and experienced as if you are almost there. When You have read one book you simply wait with longing for the next.” Hella

"Amazing books, supergood written. Keep up the good work.” Tommy

“The story of Arnulf is the best thing I've read in a long time, excitement from the first page , a personal gallery you love (and hate) with and against . In my world the saga is on par with Homer and Virgil's masterpieces. The only problem is to wait for the next volume.” Sandra

“The saga has all fast-paced battle scenes, heroes, love, family, brotherhood, and not least characters I can only love or hate. Although I have read the series several times, I am constantly coming across new details that captivate me. Your saga is amazing so thank you for it. It's a beautiful tale.” Tim

“The Arnulf saga is a read for all ages. The story is fiction, but it is very true to historical facts, so the readers get great insight into life in the Viking age. Not only in the North, but also in all other places Vikings traveled to. The books also gives you an insight into the pagan faith and practice. The language is absolutely amazing. You hear not only about Arnulf and his blood brothers – you become one of them. Light the fire in the fireplace - fill the drinking horn - and listen to the brave author.” Peder

“When I was little, the wait for Christmas Eve was unbearable. Fortunately, I grew from that. But I never grow from thinking the wait for the next book in the Arnulf saga is unbearable.” Lars

“Arnulf has become part of my thoughts, mind and soul!” Rasmus

“Excellent enlivened Viking universe. They are still alive in our rolling blood.” Line

“When I read about Arnulf - I become Arnulf!” Ove 

“For the last fight. We are with him to the end. Every drop of sweat, every drop of blood, we feel so alive that we can almost smell the blood and hear the ringing of the chainmails.” Kim

"Breathless detailed combat actions and deep insight into Arnulf’s thoughts!!!” Ole

“Chills, tears, laughs, and an urge for more Arnulf. I've read a lot, but never something so poignant, touching and engrossing. Looking forward to the continuation. Thanks.” Alex

"You are simply brilliant. Arnulf and his universe brings me to the coolest quests and adventures. Can't wait for the next " ride”.” Stephen

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“Love your books. I have heard the Arnulf books 5-6 times.” Jens

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“A fantastic story - Unquestionably the best series in its genre! The 5 book is as enthralling as the previous ones, if not better!” Gitte

“I am completely blown away, and can't put the books away again. You write amazing.” Marion

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“They are highly recommendable. So much is happening and they are so well written that you swallow them all too quickly.” Dorthe

“Wild captivating and super super well written as if you are there yourself.” Georg

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“Without a doubt, it is the best and most lifelike book series I have read.” Dan

“Great.” Peter

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“An absolutely fantastic story. Amazing captivating scenes and vivid historical descriptions - Istanbul should give you a prize of honor for the incredible description of Miklagård!” Charlotte

"This is in my opinion the best books written about the Viking age.” Bjørn

“I absolutely love these books.” Bue

“The books are written so that you go on a trip, and you can almost feel the pain and deprivation yourself.” Peter

"I live myself in every drama and every fight, everyone should follow Arnulf ' s saga.” Steffen

"If you want under the skin of the Vikings, I can only recommend S. C. Pedersen ' s saga of Arnulf. Amazing storytelling.” Sebbastian

"Really good series. Hope it continues." Lisbeth "

An amazing story." Rikke

“Amazing books that I was really totally engrossed with. I can only recommend others to read them.” Solveig

“I have listened to each and every one and simply can't get enough. You write fantastic - thank you for many hours of good entertainment.” Christina

“I forgot several times to get of the train while reading and came too late for work. It is wind-blowing, enthralling, bloody, it’s like being there yourself. Be proud, author.” Martin

“As always a pleasure.” Loca

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“I love your books!” Vagn

"I am a huge fan of Arnulf.” Sonny

“Love your books, not just the story but the language as well.” Helena

“Woke up this morning with one name in mind, Arnulf! Swallowed the morning coffee, ran out and bought the new book, and now I have sat in my favorite chair eating every word with wet eyes and a smile on my lips. The wait is over.” Kiljan

"A fantastic continuation of the Arnulf saga, hurry to write the next book - can't wait.” Nina

“Well, now you've done it for the sixth time in a row! Thanks!!!” Morten

“I wish there was a new book every mont , it 's the best series I've ever read, and I've read many. 8 friends also read it.” Sten

"Wonderfully beautifully written. Great reading.” Jesper

"S. C. Pedersen is an author of the usual. I hold my breath when Arnulf does, I bleed, when he bleeds, I love, anguish, suffer, wonder like he does…. These books carve into body and soul. You touch something deep in my modern Vikings soul.” Jesper

"World class story.” Egon

"They are just super good. When will the next one being published?" Betty

“You write amazing. Can't just drop the book.” Palle

“This year's reading experience. Thanks for another catchy tale about Arnulf! Can't wait for the next to be released!!!” Johannes

"All six volumes were devoured in a few weeks, and I can 't thank you enough for the many words you have the committed about Arnulf. Great to float out on his adventure, the waves are felt and the combat are heard. By heart thank you. It will be hard to wait for Volume 7” Kristian

“After 6 volumes, the feather pen is still super sharp.” Cliff

“What a storm of a book that might be the best of them all. Thanks for excellent entertainment. I'm already looking forward to No. 7.” Titti

“As good and exciting as previous books in series - as expected. Spellbinding.” Ove

“Super exciting.” Niels

“They are so exciting your books, I look forward to the next one.” Mille

“Warm recommendation! The world's best viking saga!” Charlotte

"The sixth novel is ALSO great. It is impressive as you can write and hold the thrill.” Niels

“Again a masterpiece, can't wait for the next one to arrive.” Martin

“Bold story and great respect for your way of merging thorough research with the narrative and making it Arnulfs.” Eddie

“Thanks for the incredibly exciting reading, the only minus is my lack of night sleep.” Karsten

“I have swallowed your book again and again think there were too few pages. You are a highly addictive writer.” Anna

“So exciting reading that you can hardly let go and just hunger for the next one.” Betty

“Super exciting books. Only appeal is that it destroys my night's sleep.” Jan

“Very good and exciting.” Liselotte

“It's also fantastic. Looking forward to the seventh book.” Brian

"It's one of the best Viking stories I know over the years. Thanks!” Christian

“Thank you for a fantastic and compelling story.” Sandra

“Thank you for your masterpiece.” Niklas

"I can’t help being a little in love when I read your saga.” Kirsten

“It's the most amazing historical saga ever written.” Anna

“Super exciting and so well written books.” Lis

“A masterpiece.” Tommy

"Seems actually the sixth book is the best so far!!!" Flemming

"Thank you very much for many hours of fantastic good entertainment. A fantastic universe I really get caught up in." Leif

"Looking forward to the next.” René

"Absolutely amazing." Patrick

"Five out of five stars." Jonas

"Another fantastic book in the Arnulf saga. Words cannot describe the experience it comes with Arnulf and his blood brothers." Ravnulf

"The saga deserves to be read again and again." Rasmus

"These are arguably the best Vikings books I've read to date!! Hope more will come.” Mikkel

"Read the books and learn about the waking time, they are not only fictional and contain many historical information from that time. Great books written so you can understand what drives them, both at home and on the long ship.” Svend

“The sixth book is the best book I have ever read!!!” Hemming

"These books are candy." Sidse

“Fantastic.” Michala

“Great story and wonderfully told. Have recommended it to everyone. Thank you very much, for a good story.” Hans

“They are really good.” Linda

“Wow, you are there, in the middle of the Vikings' lives, struggles, emotions. The blood freezes, the laughter bubbles. Wild and historically correct.” Julie

"I am a big fan of Arnulf.” Henrik

"The last book has a lot of night's sleep on the conscience! Super exciting! Can't wait for the next.” Jacqueline

“I am an avid reader of your books.” Camilla

“Incredibly exciting and engaging books.” Daniel “It is by far the best I have read about the Viking Age. Every word gets choked up, it's like being there yourself!” Janus

“Great, another bull’s eye in the Arnulf saga.” Lars

“The sixth book is a worthy sequel to the series. All honor and respect.” Kim

"It's written sooo well.” Avi

"The sixth book and not less breathtaking than ... You can only write the next novel too slowly.” Nanna

"Six stars.” Sune

"I have read all six volumes, I have read them three times and eagerly await the seventh volume. The books are must haves!!” Line

“It has been a fantastic autumn through 6 books with Arnulf. Looking forward to the continuation.” Ulf

“Thank you again for a fantastic story. I have enjoyed every minute and it will always remain in my mind.” Hans

“So vivid books, I dreamed I was a Viking. Great saga.” Jørn

“Great books.” Morten

“You are a master.” Erling

"Love the Arnulf story.” Frank

“Ten out of five stars.” Björn

“I am crazy about your books.” Rita

"I very much enjoyed reading Arnulf Wolfblood" - Nic

"Extremely well written saga. If you like the "Viking-univers" this is a MUST read." - Ejner

"It's one of my favorites!" - Martina

"It by far the best written novel series I have ever read! The action is intense! The characters become your best friends and worst enemies. They sneak into your stems and the landscapes surround you. You laugh, cry, hate, love, are anxious, angry, loud and quiet with them. You become the characters. Do yourself a big favor and read it!!! Sofie

"Loved the first book. Really enjoying it." - Heidi

"it was amazing Incredible story of a young Viking warrior! Full of raiding, epic battles, heartbreak, and brotherhood. The detailed fight scenes are awesome. Please translate the rest of the series - I want more!!! - Jan

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