My other novels

In addition to my Viking saga, I have also written a knight trilogy and a biblical trilogy, as well as two volumes in a very long historical novel series, written by various Danish authors.

If Arnulf becomes a success in English, I hope my other books will be translated as well!

My two trilogies have received many enthusiastic reviews and have many readers.

Knight Hialmar

A knight - his honour - his war!

The young Hialmar Gunwards son becomes a knight one spring day in the year 1415.

Without wealth and heritage, he must seize his opportunities amidst the bloody tournaments, wars and power games of the late Middle Ages, and he strives for the highest honor.

Erik of Pomerania is not at peaceful king, and Henry the Fifth of England is preparing for war against France, and they can both use a young, fearless, advancing knight, but also love has strong vocations.

Triumphs and tragedies. Major dilemmas require difficult choices.

Hialmar is thrown into violent and dramatic events that extend his loyalty to the utmost, and he must fight for his honor and great love at a time when the sword and the lance had power, and fidelity was paramount and where the honor of the family preceded for human destinies.

There is a long way from the stories of King Arthur to the real life of chivalry!








"Susanna's book"

The trilogy about Susanna is a biblical story about a young woman’s development and a love story based on the narrative and the fates around Jesus, and brings the reader deep into the religion and culture of the time.

Susanna’s story ranges from the baptism of Jesus to the formation of the first church and it goes close to the biblical persons and gives a realistic suggestion about how the major events are experienced by a contemporary woman.

The books in the trilogy “Susanna’s book” have the titles “The Way,” “The Truth” and “The life”.

“Susanna’s book – The Way”:

Susanna is eighteen years old and lives in Capernaum by the Sea of Galilee with her brothers, who are fishermen. She is paralyzed after an accident and lives a life without a future, but when Jesus comes to town her life is changed permanently. Jesus lets her regain the use of her limbs and calls Susanna’s brothers to be his disciples. Together they are taken into his life at a time when the Romans were at power and the Jews fought fiercely to maintain their identity as God’s chosen people. As a disabled woman, Susanna is first considered as nothing, but as the story progresses she rises and becomes strong and independent. She is infatuated by the vulnerable and equally degraded shepherd and disciple Nathaniel, but also strongly attracted to the much fiercer, provoking and freedom-loving Judas.

“Susanna’s book – The Truth”

Susanna’s journey with Jesus and his disciples leads her deep into the religion and the Messianic hope of the time. It is no longer safe to follow a rabbi, who through terrifying miracles and strong words completely changes the common structure of society and the teachers of the law’s interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. Both the crowds of supporters and opponents grow, which demands a lot of his closest followers who mutually struggle to understand who Jesus is. Susanna has to choose between a tradition-bound future and an uncertain life where new friendships replace the family at home. She stands with a deep wish about home and children and is still torn between the gentle Nathaniel and the surprising Judas, but one call is the biggest of them all: the promise she has given to Jesus.

“Susanna’s book – The Life”

Susanna goes to Jerusalem with Jesus and his followers to celebrate Easter, but also to put in a king in his kingdom. However, their great hope and strong emotions come across the political game of power between the high priest Kajfas, who are willing to do whatever it takes to protect his people against a bloody rebellion in the middle of the feast, and the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate. Tremendous tensions, conflicting interests and ancient prophecies quickly trigger off dramatic events, all rooted in the same question – which king is it, who has to be inserted in which kingdom? When Susanna experiences the solidarity and expectations break around her, she has to fight to keep her promise to Jesus and support her brother through unbearable suffering and sorrow. The Son of Man has once before held out his hand. And given her a new life.

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